How to get away with a murderer and still safe

How to get away with a murderer and still safe - the first thing on the list to get away from a murderer is to learn the characteristic of a murderer. If you know murderer's charactheristics well therefore you can avoid him/her before something bad happen. Luckily Dr Elizabeth Yardley, Director of the Centre for Applied Criminology at Birmingham City University has identified several charactheristics of a murderer. Before we going more you must to know that I'll devide the charactheristic  into two main class. Serial Murderer And Mass Murderer, the Differents are serial murderers kill their victim undetectedly and repeat their crime continously. While mass murderer do their crime in open public place.
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How to get away with a murderer
1. Serial Murderer
First, a serial murderers usually have been interest to showing power to others. They having self satisfied feeling while able to over power someone else. In many cases murderers have a real afinity to power even when they have been caught and game was over. Second, unluckily a murderer usually a person with very high IQ that have ability to rule people around to hide his malicious personality. A murderer also manipulate situation around him to pass blame from his/her evil actions.
Third, A serial murderers usually can't help but brag their crime. Whether to the victim or at less to theirself about they've comitted. Sometimes this habbit of a murderer will lead law enforcement to solve the cases. Fourth, Serial murderer usually have a very good grasp of the other's emotions and quick to take the advantage on any vulnerability or weakness to manipulate the victims. Fifth, possibly the scariest charactheristic of all, many serial murderers look like a common person of the community on first sight. They even workhard for local community to deceive people from their deviant action.

2. Mass Murderer
First, mass murderers usually loners who have very few social connections. Mass murderers often experienced family problem, bullying, workplace failures, or financial problem that lead them to lack of confident in social community. Second, mass murderers triggered by something after couple years of deppretion before commit their crime. Last, mass murdererers finish their act in the lack of guardianship place.
So, if you really want to do "how to get away with murderer and still safe". The first thing to do is caring your around. Help people to surpass their hardtime, prevent bullying, and do good thing to others. But, be careful okay? crimes happens because there is a chance, good luck.